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September is our Employee Appreciation Month


Managers and employees are constantly looking for the secret of “motivating their people.” Therein lies the inherent problem. You can’t motivate people. But you can set an example and create an environment where they will motivate themselves. As a leader, the secret to creating a successful work environment is to first create an atmosphere in which success can occur. This means a continuous positive attitude on your part, and continuous positive reinforcement from your employees. It means recognizing and rewarding great performance.

At Star Staffing, we treat our customers with the same care as our employees. We understand that our employees and internal staff are the ones who make us a Best Place to Work and a leader in our industry. We believe in recognizing our employees for performance and positive behavior. One of our employee recognition programs is our “Star of the Month” where we recognize an individual in each office that demonstrates the following:

  • Performance – meeting and exceeding work load expectations, completing tasks early, taking on additional tasks when requested.
  • Safety – adheres to all safety rules, makes suggestions for keeping the workplace and others safe.
  • Perfect Attendance – always on time and ready to work, returns on time from breaks.
  • Attitude – maintains a positive attitude, being willing, going above and beyond.

We value and appreciate each and every one of our employees.

Although we recognize them through numerous programs, we thought we would dedicate an entire month to celebrate them. We will be providing them with thank you notes, cupcakes and goodies, gifts, and in the last week of September, they will have a chance to win a 40-inch plasma TV! We are excited to take the month of September to recognize each individual on a specific attribute that contributes to our success.

Together, we make the difference!

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