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Star Staffing Named Best Place to Work

September 16, 2013 Leave a comment


Petaluma, California – September 16, 2013 — Star Staffing, (, the leading provider of staffing solutions to the Wine and Manufacturing Industries in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area, was honored as one of the North Bay’s “Best Places to Work.” This recognition is based on the results of an employee survey conducted by the North Bay Business Journal. This marks the first staffing firm to receive the coveted Best Place to Work title. An award ceremony will take place September 18.

North Bay Business magazine also recently awarded Star Staffing the title of Best Placement Service in the North Bay.

Star Staffing Vice President and Owner Nicole Smartt is pleased to accept the award. “We are privileged and honored to be considered a Best Place to Work by our employees. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment. This award is testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff. There would be no Star Staffing if not for such incredible, devoted and talented employees.” says Smartt.

Star Staffing attributes its success as an employer to staying true to the core values that guide Star in their day-to-day business activities. Star embraces their core values and conducts business in the true spirit of these values in order to create a positive and rewarding experience for clients, candidates, and employees.

Star Staffing has an aggressive expansion plan for next 5 years and looks forward to providing outstanding service to an even greater area. Centered on finding working relationships that really fit, are based on integrity, safety and working in local communities, Star Staffing remains employee-oriented and dedicated to success for all. Lisa Shugarman, Owner and CEO of Star Staffing wrote, “I have long felt that our company is a best place to work so I am so honored that we have received this recognition. We have such an amazing staff whose tenures show how much dedication and satisfaction they have with our company. Through good times and bad we have supported and grown with one another and always have had each other’s best interest as well as the company’s success at heart.”

About Star Staffing
Founded in 1998, Star Staffing is the North Bay’s premier staffing provider and holds offices in Petaluma, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa and Napa with satellite offices in Sonoma, Ukiah, and Fairfield. Star Staffing was recently honored as a 2011 Best Placement Service by the North Bay Business Journal, and in 2012, a Best Company to do Business with in Napa. Star Staffing offers recruiting and screening, payroll and time attendance management, on-site management, risk reduction programs, employee rewards and benefits, and knock your socks off service to a multitude of companies, including manufacturing, industrial, clerical, administrative, accounting, finance, information technology, and professional services.


Travel Time- To pay or not to pay that is the question!

August 21, 2012 3 comments

A popular topic in Human Resources with Employers is to pay or not to pay for travel expenses for Non Exempt Employees. What is the proper procedure and industry standard?

Employers are often confused as to whether they must pay nonexempt employees for time traveling to, and attendance time at, a work-related function.

Certain types of employees, who are classified as exempt employees (on salary), are not entitled to overtime pay as guaranteed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If an employee is classified as exempt (vs. non-exempt) their employer is not required to pay them overtime pay.

With the exception of travel from home to work and back, most travel time is considered work time.

You must pay nonexempt (hourly) employees for any time they are permitted to work or required to be there.

If you require nonexempt employees to attend a conference away from their typical work place, you must pay them for the travel time to and from the conference, minus the time of their usual commute. If air travel is required, you must pay them (subtracting their usual commute time) from the time they leave their house until they reach their destination, or until they no longer perform work (they have checked into the hotel). If they are free to do what they choose your obligation to pay ends. If they go straight to the conference, you continue to pay.

Because traveling does not require the employee to employ his/her skills, pay for travel time can be at a rate of pay less than the employee’s normal rate of pay. You can pay the employee as little as the minimum wage. The lowest hourly wage an employer may pay a nonexempt employee, currently $8.00 per hour, for travel pay. Travel time is counted as work time and overtime pay may be due for travel.

Unless you are specifically classified as an “exempt” worker, your employer must pay you overtime wages for any hours you work over 40 hours in a workweek. The employer must pay overtime wages at a rate of at least one and one-half times (150%) your regular hourly rate.

If travel time pay is less than the employee’s normal earnings, explain this difference to all employees in advance, make it part of your personnel policy. You must reimburse the employee for all out-of-pocket travel expenses.